Wash £600m off energy bills by cutting shower time



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Londoners could slash £600 million off their energy bills every year but cutting the time they spend in the shower.

That’s according to new research by Thames Water, which claims people only need to reduce their shower time by one minute to make those savings – equivalent to £7 for each resident.

It added a family of 4 could also save up to £180 on their annual bills by using water and energy-saving freebies – such as showerheads that use less water and shower timers – as less energy would be used to heat the water needed.

Around 15% of the average household’s gas and electricity bill is made up of energy used to heat hot water.

By spending that extra minute in the bed instead, Londoners could also help save 25 billion litres of water every year.  That’s enough to fill 10,000 Olympic swimming pools.

Andrew Tucker, Water Efficiency Manager at Thames Water, said “I can’t think of an easier way for people to save water, energy and money.  Who doesn’t wish they could spend longer in bed in the morning?

“London and the South East is classed as seriously water-stressed by the Environment Agency so we all need to do everything we can to use less water.  An extra minute in bed, saving on your energy bill and a  boost to the local environment and wildlife – that sounds like a winner to me”