Our Services

Our Services

by BiU

We asked 300 leading businesses what they look for in an energy and utility consultancy and they said: “BIU!”

Trust and clarity are top of the industry wish list. BIU is a top level, systems-based energy management consultancy. But what does that mean for you? We provide services that are transparent, innovative and progressive and pride ourselves on the personal high-level service in everything we do. Our clients have spoken with their feet. The quality of service that we offer has earned us a customer retention ratio of 98%. We’re working on that extra two percent…

Energy Procurement

BIU’s energy procurement specialists will work with you to obtain the best prices on electricity and gas. Using a consultative approach, they will work to develop a bespoke energy purchasing strategy that is aligned with your expectations.

Portfolio Management

Our service considers all elements of energy consumption, ensuring that you only pay for your actual usage. Our expertise and industry leading systems enable us to accurately budget for and forecast energy costs across full portfolios.

Revenue Recovery Audit

We will carry out an in-depth analysis of your bills from the last six years in order to identify billing errors. We will then recover any costs due from overpayments and correct any false or inaccurate information to prevent future billing errors.


Energy Efficiency

BIU provides recommendations and solutions to enable clients to reduce energy consumption and ultimately reduce costs. We also focus on ways to reduce carbon emissions and provide cost-effective ways to implement efficiency measures.



Legislation cannot be left to chance as the legal and financial implications can be huge. We will work with you to ensure timely compliance relating to mandatory industry-related energy requirements, and help you turn obligation into opportunity.