DCP 228

DCP 228

by BiU

DCP 228 is a new regulatory change which OFGEM is introducing from April 2018, and will alter the way distribution charges are calculated according to usage. This could mean a rise in electricity costs for your business, and may vary by region according to your Distribution Network Operator (DNO). Therefore we would urge you to take advice now regarding tariffs to ensure you are well prepared in advance.

How can we help?

The main distribution charge – DUoS (Distribution Use of System) – relates to usage and is calculated using a red, amber and green banding system. DCP 228 will reduce charges incurred during peak (red) energy use periods, with energy costs increasing during amber and green periods for half-hourly businesses. Since distribution charges can account for up to 19% of your company’s bill, we would advise commissioning a comprehensive energy solution, from looking at your budget and tariffs, to identifying technical and behavioural changes to prevent DCP 228 from impacting on your business.

What can it do for you?

We can obtain the best prices for electricity and then develop a bespoke energy purchasing strategy, keeping you informed of current energy market price trends and changes in industry pass through charges, as well as legislations such as DCP 228. This will enable us to protect your business both now and in the future by managing your costs and maintaining them within pre-agreed budgets, using our in-house developed M2M247.com price reporting software. We can also advise on where DSR (Demand Side Response), Battery Storage and Energy Alarms could offset any potential price hikes brought about by DCP 228.