GHG Reporting

GHG Reporting

by BiU
Greenhouse Gas emission reporting forms part of the suite of environmental reporting increasingly required by business today for both regulatory purposes as part of the Climate Change Act 2008 and for corporate Governance and strategy reporting – often linked to investment strategies.

How can we help?

At the core of all reporting is the collection, processing and analysis of data. BIU’s role is to ensure compliance with the requirements, but also to advise and implement strategies to actively manage commercially viable reduction programmes.

BIU can help your company with compliance and environmental reporting through a series of measures.

We will determine the organisational scope of the business on which the reporting will have an impact, collecting and processing the data for any compliance period. We will conduct feasibility assessments of commercial opportunities to provide any potential revenue streams.

Our bespoke, industry leading systems and internal energy experts will create reports and dashboards integrating the environmental approach into your overall utilities strategy. This will include conservation, risk management and technical product solutions and culture change developing and implementing an overall strategic carbon/GHG reduction programme.