Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

by BiU
BIU provides recommendations and solutions to enable clients to reduce energy consumption and ultimately reduce costs. We also focus on ways to reduce carbon emissions and provide cost-effective ways to implement efficiency measures.

How can we help?

Our expert team will look at all elements of your energy usage, identify areas of excessive consumption, and advise on ways to reduce costs. This includes carrying out in depth surveys and reports.  BIU carries out independent reviews of equipment and controls to validate manufacturers’ specifications. We confirm the operational performance characteristics, where the potential for energy and cost reduction can be proven, and make recommendations. BIU manages the installation programme of equipment, overseeing the suppliers and contractors. We then provide a full reporting facility with a protocol template for clients to focus on energy consumption and management.

BIU covers all aspects of metering: including AMR, P272, MOP and Sub-tenant Metering, Generation, Demand Side Response, Battery Storage and PPA (Power Purchase Agreements). Additional Energy Efficiency services include Energy Surveys, Energy Alarms, Triad Avoidance and Voltage Optimisation.

We advise on all government legislative requirements, including ESOS, CCA, P272, CRC, GHG Reporting, MEES, CDP, Heat Metering Incentives and ISO50001.

What can it do for you?

BIU’s unique Energy Efficiency Fund offers a cost-effective way to install energy efficient measures into your business, at no extra cost to you. Through strategic evaluation, we prioritise product installations to ensure your consumption reduces as quickly as possible. These consumption reductions are offset against supplier invoices so that capital investment required is recovered from your utility budget. In 2013 we launched our own Energy Reduction Award. This is given to the BIU client who has achieved the largest reduction in energy usage and carbon over the past 12 months. So far, we are proud to recognise the great savings achieved by both NCP and McColl’s Retail Group, who have collectively reduced their consumption by an average of 6% of their annual energy usage.

Key benefits

We understand that every customer’s energy usage is unique to them, which is why we work closely with our customers to provide tailor-made strategies to fit in with their day to day operations and budget.

  • All of BIU’s software is developed in-house to ensure data is processed consistently and efficiently
  • We focus on three key areas to evaluate and reduce your energy usage – controls, equipment and people
  • Every BIU client is assigned their own fully-trained Account Manager to provide ongoing support and resolve queries
  • We supply updates on relevant legislation requirements and demand response issues