Energy Alarms

Energy Alarms

by BiU
Energy alarms are invaluable in reducing consumption and cost, identifying both technical and behavioural errors and causes of excessive usage. In addition to a cost-saving process it can also be used for store targeting and staff training purposes.

How can we help?

BIU provide an Energy Alarms service which goes further than just reporting on energy usage. Our energy alarms are triggered when energy usage exceeds the expected consumption level and is reported on an individual site basis, making it ideal for organisations with multiple sites.

Energy Alarms can contribute to savings within the overall process by alerting the client to occasions where consumption patterns are outside of expectations, leading to an investigation which, ultimately, can deliver further savings.

Energy Alarms utilised in conjunction with an Energy Awareness campaign can maximise results. Our industry experts will support and advise obtaining a 5% saving on average across our client base, for one business this resulted in savings of c.£450,000 over a 3-year period.

Key Benefits

  • We can identify both technical errors and human & behavioural issues
  • We will carry out a survey on specific sites if the cause of over-consumption cannot be identified
  • We provide a dedicated Account Manager to help you put measures in place to correct errors