by BiU

Automated Meter Reading (AMR) is the process of automatically collecting consumption data providing accurate, timely bills without the need for on-site meter readings for water, gas and electricity.

There are many benefits of AMR, not least understanding how much energy is actually being used and when.

Many mandatory legislations such as the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme require consumption reporting which can be derived from AMR data.

BIU offer a full solution programme starting with an independent review of your specific requirements, considering both energy supplier and independent provider options. Our metering experts will work to understand individual business needs and your future likely requirements. Through this analysis we can offer informed advice and enlighten our clients on the pros and cons of various options presented along with our recommendation. If a supplier route is chosen, our long-standing relationships will allow cost negotiation on your behalf to reduce investment.

We will manage the installation programme of AMR, overseeing the suppliers and contractors. Once the project is complete our energy experts will analyse the data presented identifying opportunities for consumption reduction and trends that may be affecting your overall business performance.