Budgeting & Accruals

Budgeting & Accruals

by BiU
Financial accruals and forecasting are of paramount importance to any business. BIU’s financial reporting solution provides accurate budgeting information by analysing historical data and forecasting future usage.

How can we help?

BIU provides expert support and solutions on period end accruals by providing the right audience with timely and accurate information. The detail supporting the reports enables our clients to have a high level message on their financial performance with respect to all utilities. By using the most up to date data from half hourly or remote access meters, the latest in market and trading information, as well as the most up to date industry information on levies, pass-thru costs and taxes, BIU is able to provide detail behind the top position to an extremely high level.

What can it do for you?

BIU will provide insightful data enabling estates to be benchmarked, budgets set and accruals produced. We will constantly review your properties, sites, supply, meters and operational/behavioural changes across the portfolio. Our detailed analysis considers clients forward business plans alongside future taxation and legislative factors that may impact their costs. BIU is able to track your portfolio on a daily basis to account for change into the future. Every element of a utility can be forecast and tracked, whether consumption or cost based. This detail enables easy-to-understand information and narrative to be available either via our bespoke online reporting, mobile application, face-to-face meeting or audio and video conferencing.

Key Benefits

  • Increased accuracy of forecast minimising financial exposure
  • Reduced historic accruals
  • Energy Saving opportunities identified
  • Performance Reporting at site level
  • Access to financial and consumption information at the touch of a button