Invoice Management & Query Resolution

Invoice Management & Query Resolution

by BiU


BIU’s invoice management team will ensure that you are paying the right charges, for the right buildings, on the correct meters, and for the right periods. We’ll deal with all the queries in the background so that you don’t have to.

How can we help?

BIU’s established management service provides an effective solution for our clients considering all elements of their energy usage. We ensure that clients pay only for their actual usage and are able to accurately budget for and forecast energy usage across their estates.
We collate all consumption data and through our bespoke systems, high specification reports covering multiple data points are produced to validate amounts paid. A large suite of other financial reporting is available tailored to our clients requirements.
BIU deliver swift and timely resolution to invoices raised from a myriad of sources including client, supplier, network operator, metering, regulator, consultants and property managing agents.
Queries can come thick and fast when scrutinising utility invoices alongside managing the suppliers who expect payment for all those within terms, regardless of accuracy.
BIU have long established relationships we are proud of within the industry. Our professionalism and expertise not only provides quick resolution but takes a holistic view on any queries raised. BIU can then provide meaningful recommendations and initiatives to reduce costs and provide clients with a commercial advantage.

What can it do for you?

We will protect you from unexpected and potentially inaccurate charges. Peace of mind is given with the assurance you are protected from inaccurate and potentially invalid costs.
There is a clear financial benefit removing the cost of internal invoice processing, which without the expert staff and systems averages at £30 per invoice.
The level of knowledge and expertise at BIU will optimise your utility portfolio. In addition to normal invoice processing there are many queries not as clearly identified in utility contracts, we will identify these and resolve any potential issues.
We will be monitoring supplier performance in addition to your performance trends and exceptions including any changes to your estate, working as your genuine industry partner.

Key benefits

• Peace of mind – you are working with the validation and reporting experts
• Reduced internal administrative burden
• Key contacts within suppliers utilised
• Complete bureau management – from validation to payment
• All potential savings identified