Revenue Recovery Audit

Revenue Recovery Audit

by BiU
You shouldn’t pay for something you haven’t used. And if you do get charged incorrectly for utilities, BIU can help you get that money back.

How can we help?

BIU’s audit service enables us to give our clients peace of mind. Our Revenue Recovery team will carry out an in-depth analysis of your bills from the past six years to identify all billing errors. If there has been an error, you’ll get a nice cheque in the post. If not, you can take comfort in the fact that everything is in order. Once we have completed our full analysis, we will negotiate with your utility suppliers to recover any costs due from overpayments and correct any false or inaccurate information to help prevent future billing errors. BIU has recovered overpayments for organisations ranging from FTSE100 companies and the NHS to Central/Local Government and individual local companies. In one 12 month period, our experts helped to recover over £8m in overpayments. These charges were all down to billing errors on the suppliers’ part. We have been working with all energy and water suppliers for over 20 years and our excellent reputation helps us to achieve exceptionally high conversion rates for identifying errors and returning monies quickly and efficiently.

What can it do for you?

In reviewing billing and consumption data our data scientists are able to make recommendations for future cost savings, which can deliver an enduring benefit for clients.  We operate on an incentive only basis so we are only remunerated where we find savings. Our audit service includes on-going progress reports, and all clients are offered complete access to their consumption, cost and carbon data within our BIU247 system.

Key benefits

We keep our audit process as easy as possible for our clients, working with you and suppliers to source historical data, alongside your current arrangements with regards to existing contracts with your supplier or consultancy. We handle all negotiations until refunds/and or credits are successfully returned, and send a final report on all findings.

  • All of BIU’s software is developed in-house and is unique to the energy market, giving us a distinct competitive edge
  • Collectively our team has over 100 years of expertise within the utilities industry
  • All of our clients are assigned a dedicated, experienced Account Manager
  • We provide regular updates and reports based upon our investigations
  • Our expert analysis covers gas, electric and water
  • We have a proven track record of success

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