Telecoms Revenue Recovery

Telecoms Revenue Recovery

by BiU

Telecoms retrospective refund
& saving opportunities

BiU offer a specialist Telecoms Revenue Recovery solution, headed up by industry experts who understand the multifaceted nature of telecom contracts, infrastructure and billing.

6 year period

£0 upfront costs

BiU negotiate revenue refunds

Experience in large billing

Dedicated & experienced team

Proprietary knowledge

About BiU Telecom Revenue Recovery Service

Long gone are the days that ‘telecoms’ was a simple BT phone line wired into your business; now a plethora of voice, data, mobile and cloud-based options to stay on top of, predict need, and budget for in advance of usage.

Despite Procurement and IT due diligence in setting up telecom contracts, expectations on need are often misaligned on true usage combined with unintentional billing errors. This allows for an opportunity to recover revenue through incorrect telecom and data services for your business. 

Telecom Revenue Recovery Timeline

Supplier experience

Telecom Supplier Experience

Sector experience

  FTSE 100/350

  Financial services



Public sector

   Call centres

Educational institutes

  Large manufacturing


High-street & retail
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Our experience

BiU has over 21 years experience in providing solutions for utility management and reduction.

We can help you achieve your bottom line improvement goals through retrospective refund opportunities of your telecoms contracts, billing and infrastructure.


Total amount identified for clients over the years by our Telecoms team

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The number of audits our team has delivered over the years


When BiU’s Project Lead started telecom auditing! 


Experience working with FTSE 100 to FTSE 350 companies


Parts to the telecommunication recovery service:

Audit, Analyse, Identify, Recover


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Team members supporting BiU Telecom expense recovery

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