Renewable Energy

Our Renewables team are ideally placed to manage power and gas purchasing agreements (CPPAs / GPAs) whether they are fixed, flexible or corporate in nature through to handling a 6-year forensic audit of your current renewables portfolio.

Green energy with BiU

From a health check of renewable solution through to asset management and forecasting, we’ve a full solution to your renewable energy needs.


Making sure that all the elements of  ROC, REGO, RGGO, RHi, GGC & EB are paid at the maximum rates or percentages available in the market. Commercial optimisation of these certificates will maximise any revenues.

Market Intelligence

Our energy procurement and trading team’s knowledge of the markets and bespoke trading strategies provide for better management of your assets.

Renewable Asset Management

Asset list, expected generation profiles, scheduling of any planned or unplanned outage will be captured and communicated through your dedicated expense account manager.

Trading Advantage

You’ll gain the same market opportunities and access to our visible platforms as a large power station.

Data Access

BiU procurement portal gives you access to your half-hourly generation data and financial position at any time.

What are CPPAs?

Renewable Portfolio Solutions


  • For budget certainty, the BiU Fixed Price PPA locks in a power price for your generation at the time of contract signing.
  • Our fixed price PPA allows you to calculate exactly what your returns will be over the course of our agreement.
  • The typical length of a BIU fixed price agreement is 1-5 years.


  • A flexible (also known as flex) is a fully traded contract where forward volumes are sold dependent upon market conditions.
  • The trading strategy is set after a detailed discussion of the available tactical options and market indicators and a comprehensive review of the client’s risk profile.
  • Flexible agreements are typically 3 to 5 years.


  • Originally known as a Direct PPA, it’s now more commonly known as a Corporate PPA (CPPA).
  • A CPPA is a ‘Price Guarantee Agreement’ which is a relatively simple form of ‘commercial’ Contract for Difference (CfD) that can be rolled out over a number of projects. In a world without subsidy, Corporate PPAs are often seen as a route to project bankability, however, they have been proven hard to come by.
  • Typical term 10 to 15 years.
Renewable Energy Revenue Recovery

What you need to know…

  • Businesses are looking at ways of getting greater transparency and long-term certainty over all elements of their energy supply costs.
  • Faced with interest from customers and in an ever-competitive supply market, licensed suppliers have responded to customer pressure with innovation – participating in CfD/bi-Lateral arrangements and actively offering supply contracts which will allow for the sleeving of power procured through corporate PPA’s.
  • Increased pressures from investors and consumers for corporates to buy green, promote renewable energy and “green” their supply chain is encouraging this route to market.
  • Lack of government support has encouraged generators to seek out creditworthy corporates for long-term PPA’s to improve project feasibility.

Where next


We have several solutions within our energy procurement department, from tailored risk management to consortium buying, with blended or full green options throughout.

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