Revenue Recovery

You shouldn’t pay for something you haven’t used. And if you do get charged incorrectly for your utilities, BiU can help you get that money back – whether that’s electricity, gas, renewables, water or telecoms.

We recovered over £1,700,000 in electricity costs for one customer

We’ve recovered over £45,000,000 in lost revenue in just 10 years

We provide recommendations for future operational savings

We’ve recovered over £45,000,000 in lost revenue in just 10 years

Recovering billing costs for gas, electric, water, renewables and telecoms

Energy & Water

We’re been auditing and recovering from incorrect electricity and gas billing, set up and errors for over 10 years with our industry-leading team.


We research, audit and analyse your renewable generation data to discover where refunds can be recovered through the likes of billing or miss-recording of revenue from generation.


A specialist telecoms revenue recovery solution, headed up by industry experts who understand the multifaceted nature of telecom contracts, infrastructure and billing

“The Revenue Recovery project has been great for us, not only because of the substantial refund and consequential savings discovered but we are also now more certain the charges we are receiving are correct... It has helped us to focus in inaccuracies in a -broader sense in other areas of billing etc.”

- Environmental Manager, NHS Trust

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We have three services within our Utility Revenue Recovery Team, from auditing your gas billing to foresenic analysis of your renewable generation:

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