Renewable Energy
Revenue Recovery

We research, audit and analyse your renewable generation data to discover where refunds can be recovered through the likes of billing or miss-recording of revenue from generation.

We recovered over £8,000,000 in lost revenue in just 1 year

Retrospective 6 year period refunds

Experience in import and export generation

Our renewables audits

Delivered under our standard ‘share of revenue recovered’ contract the risk sits with BiU to find lost revenue.

If you’ve received incorrect revenue from generation produced we’ll find it…

  • Comms line faults
  • Export capacity arrangements
  • HH data vs operational performance
  • Technical metering faults and configuration issues
  • Loss factors
  • Export DUoS arrangements
  • Current transformer classes/burdens/performance
  • FiT/ROC payments
  • MOP/DC/DA agreements
Renewable Energy Revenue Recovery

We recovered over £1,180,000 through
revenue recovery auditing for one client

Making sure you PPA/GPA is fit for purpose

Where pre-existing PPA/GPA contracts are being “renewed” (rather than negotiated afresh) – care should be taken to ensure that the mechanisms are still fit for purpose and provide the certainty and information flows required.

This can also be a good time to audit and carry out a general review of the contract to ensure that it remains suitable and to audit the arrangements for generation payments and correct payment of Embedded Benefits.

Over many years BiU have successfully audited supply contracts and around two-thirds are regularly found to contain errors. This is the case in export contracts, therefore we carry out a comprehensive audit on our clients historic transaction data leading to revenue recovery.

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We have three services within our Revenue Recovery Team, from auditing your gas billing to foresenic analysis of your renewable generation:

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