Sectors & Industries

We may service over 45% of the UK’s supermarkets, but we also manage the energy for high-street pharmacists, save energy for the UK’s foremost insurance providers, recover refunds for public sector trusts, and organise the utility expenses for estate groups and estate agents alike.

Private sector

Public sector

Third sector

Diverse sector experience

Over 20 years of diverse industry experience allows us to manage the utilities and energy for a large range of business types.

We’ve a specialist public sector division, as well as leading experts in energy efficiency and reduction for restaurants, pub and grills and hotel kitchens through our energy and carbon optimisation team.

We recovered over £1,400,000 in electricity costs for just one NHS trust.
That’s the equivalent of 3,500 one-night admissions to a hospital.

Private sector

You can’t drive (or ride) to town or walk down a high-street without coming across a business we work with – from managing the risk and energy procurement trading strategy for some of the UKs leading high-street retailers, through to the everyday handling of the utility expenses for one some the fastest growing restaurants. We’ve got your utilities covered:

  • Automotive and logistics
  • Hospitality and leisure
  • Car parks and taxi firms
  • Data and telecoms
  • Education and institutions
  • Franchises
  • Industrial and manufacturing
  • Large multisite
  • Healthcare
  • Property management and estates
  • Restaurants and foods
  • Finance and investments
  • Renewables
  • Utilities and energy
  • Business parks and complexes

We service the utilities and energy for over 45% of the UK’s supermarkets.
From managing renewable portfolios and tenancy recharging to invoice validation and energy reduction.

Public sector

BiU have OJEU compliant supplier framework (and on the NHS SBS framework) which allows us to not only manage, audit and recover energy costs for the public sector through our revenue recovery team, but procure energy for public sector organisations as well. Look no further for your energy partner:

  • Hospitals and healthcare
  • Housing associations
  • Education and institutions
  • Councils
  • Public establishments
  • Renewables

We consistently and accurately validate invoices to the equivalent value of 280,373,831 loaves of bread annually for one client

Third sector

Reducing overhead energy and utility costs in the third sector is a keyway to put money back into the organisation, allowing you to do more good. From revenue recovery services for charity retail outlets to managing the energy procurement portfolio of large public trusts and buildings. Your utilities are in safe hand, allowing you to focus on what matters:

  • Charitable organisations
  • Volunteer organisations
  • Public sector access estates
  • Community organisation
  • Tenants and residents’ groups
  • Trusts