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BIU SMARTservices enables our customers to go beyond compliance and benefit from the opportunities which SECR is designed to encourage.

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Our solution is always offered as a three year managed services agreement and recognises that:

  • A quick fix is neither realistic or possible
  • Opportunities are best realised through a true working partnership
  • BIU are committed to investing in and understanding our customers business
  • It is important to correctly scope the project
  • All deliverables must be agreed with stakeholders before commencing the project

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BIU SMARTservices is designed to protect customers from the legal implications of non-compliance and ensure 100% compliance.

The BIU SMARTservices solution is always personalised to the customer considering:

  • The customer’s energy requirements
  • The complexity of the business
  • The number of sites and diversity/complexity of the portfolio
  • The approach to the share of implemented savings agreed with the customer

What Makes BIU Special:

  • BIU have an enviable 100% record of first-time acceptance with more than 500 ESOS Phase 1 Compliance Audits completed.
  • An important feature of BIU SMARTservices is the BIU Reactive Energy Management Team which provides our own trained personnel to work at customers sites to deliver savings and ensure energy compliance.
  •  BIU SMARTservices goes beyond compliance and ensures that our customers benefit from real commercial opportunities.