Smart Alarms

Smart Alarms

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Smart Energy Alarms

We don’t just email you a report when you’re wasting energy; with our energy alarm service and our suite of Responsive Energy Managers (REMs) we can identify issues, train staff, or take action to implement changes immediately through one of our service levels suitable to your business. Targeting wastage as it happens, improving your site’s energy use and reducing your energy consumption.

SECR lead assessor qualifications
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Harness your Energy

Our Smart Energy Alarms utilise your half-hourly meter data allowing our team of experienced analysts to investigate periods of irregular or excess energy usage on your sites, and allow them (or your site manager) to take actions to reduce energy wastage.

Our in-house software reviews your half-hourly data against previous data over a four week period to alert our Smart Energy Alarm analysts of irregularities and breaches of set tolerances. We can determine the optimum consumption profile to be achieved by the site in KWh and £s, and therefore help our REMs to assess the potential savings if actions are taken to address energy waste.

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How it Works

First, pick an Energy Alarm Response Solution.

Then choose a Report Option for your chosen solution.


We take large amounts of data and display only meaningful energy information.

1: Full Energy Report

2: Top 20 Energy Report

3: Site Specific Report

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Response Solutions

We work with a diverse range of sites and operational set ups, so we understand that not every customer needs the same levels of support to maximise the benefits of the Smart Energy Alarm Reports.

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1: Desk Support

2: Core REM Support

3: REM Implementation

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Why use BiU for Energy Alarms

BiU has over 21 years experience in providing solutions to energy and utility management and reduction.

We can help you achieve your corporate sustainability and environmental goals through BiU Smart Services and Alarms.

Certified Assessors

Our Smart Alarm reports are analysed by our team of qualified energy assessors accredited by:

SECR lead assessor qualifications

Taking Action

Our experienced and skilled data analysts and energy assessors examine your Smart Alarm Reports to make the right decisions required to take action.

Smart Service REMs


Our Responsive Energy Managers (REMs) are a first in the Utility Management industry.

A team of trained Energy Engineers that can assess, report and implement solutions as well as train staff on-site to reduce energy wastage with immediate effect; making direct savings to your carbon output, energy costs and giving you return on investment.

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