More than 27m UK citizens ‘could generate own energy by 2050’

More than 27m UK citizens 'could generate own energy by 2050'

More than 27 million UK citizens could be producing, storing and selling their own energy by 2050.

These so -called “energy citizens” will play an important role in the shift from traditional forms of generation to a network of decentralised energy and storage, according to a new report from the European Renewable Energies Federation.

They will use solar panels, wind turbines, e-boilers, electric vehicles and energy storage units to produce their own electricity and heat, it adds.

The increased flexibility this offers could reduce peak loads on grids, negate the need for backup capacity and allow them to benefit from periods of low electricity price in times of high renewable generation.

The report also estimates around 83% of EU householders could potentially become an energy citizen.

It adds: “About 115 million EU households will have an electric vehicle in 2050, 70 million may have a smart electric boiler, 60 million may have solar PV on their roof and 42 million may have stationary batteries on their premises. Another 64 million households could participate in renewable energy production through an energy collective.”

The report warns current legal frameworks may provide obstacles to citizens generating and storing their own electricity and urges the EU to consider changing its laws.