Brits keen to go green but don’t want to pay for it

Brits keen to go green but don't want to pay for it

British energy consumers say they care about going green but aren’t willing to pay more to do so.

A survey carried out for supplier OVO Energy shows although 85% of 2,000 respondents say they make conscious efforts to save energy at home, only one in five would pay a higher bill if it was better for the environment.

Those willing to pay more for greener energy would accept an average price hike of 17% on their current energy bill. More than one in 10 of those willing to pay more would be happy to pay an extra 31-50% for greener energy.

These low figures are despite 60% of people admitting they worry about the carbon impact of their home energy use and a third saying they already use measures such as energy saving bulbs, double glazing and improved insulation.

People in London and Northern Ireland are the most willing to put their money on the line for more sustainable power, with Wales and the South East coming in as the least willing to part with their cash.

A massive 70% said they choose their supplier based on how much it will cost them, dwarfing the 6% who said they would make the decision based upon the supplier’s green credentials.