A total of 19 water firms offer social tariffs

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A total of 19 out of 21 water companies in England and Wales now offer social tariffs to help vulnerable customers.

That’s according to a report by the Consumer Council for Water (CCWater) which added those firms are helping more than 400,000 customers pay their water bills.

Some of the companies are Anglian Water, United Utilities, Thames Water, Affinity Water, Bristol Water and South East Water.

CCWater’s Annual review for England and Wales stated water meters have also helped households reduce their bills.

Nearly 260,000 people used a water meter to see if they could save money during 2015/16. The total potential saving for these customers was estimated at more than £15 million, it claims.

The CCWater is an independent voice for water consumers which provide free advice and keep them informed on the issues that affect their water and sewerage services.

It claims they have helped more than 18,000 consumers resolve complaints about their water and sewage services and returned almost £5 million in compensation and rebates for aggrieved water customers in the last twelve months.

Alan Lovell, Chair of CCWater, said: “It is a testament to the skill and commitment of my colleagues that we have remained an effective consumer advocate, helping thousands of households and business resolve their complaints and shaping a water industry that is more committed to listening to the needs of consumers.”

The retail water market will open in 2017.