Utility Expense Management

Our experienced and skilled utility expense management team take data and turn it into tangible savings through unique bill validation, timely tenancy recharging and accurate forecasting – creating an essential tool to your bottom line.

We validate over 1,500,000 invoices annually

Over a £1 billion of customer bills validated annually

We don’t just validate, we audit, investigate and return savings

Not just a bureau service

More than just a bureau box-ticking exercise – we manage your utility billing data, conduct over 100 checks through our in-house (industry leading) software, validate, optimise, report and forecast; giving you peace of mind that the utility bills are true bills.

Bill validation

  • We collate all consumption data and through our bespoke systems, high specification reports covering multiple data points are produced to validate amounts paid.
  • Our team of experienced analysts deliver swift and timely resolution to invoices raised from a myriad of sources including client, supplier, network operator, metering, regulator, consultants and property managing agents.
  • Our team of expense account managers provide meaningful recommendations and initiatives to reduce costs and provide clients with a commercial advantage.
  • There is a clear financial benefit removing the cost of internal invoice processing, which without the expert staff and systems of BiU would average more than £30 per invoice for you to administrate and validate.
  • Though our invoice management service, you can view your half-hourly data online, along with your utility or energy invoices easily.
  • We manage all communications with your suppliers, from disconnections and reconnections to meter changes and optimisation.
  • With an in-house site infrastructure (site works) team for connections and site changes as well as a dedicated metering and data team, we’re able to reduce time by working directly with third parties and contractors to optimise your metering for better billing and efficient energy usage.

Tenant recharging

We get it – working out and passing on the costs of utilities to tenants is an administrative nightmare! That’s where our tenancy recharging service can help.

  • A complete solution for landlords to bill tenants and concessions, ensuring correct energy charges are applied across estates, from shopping centres and supermarkets to office blocks and airports.
  • We start from the ground-up – assessing and configuring your invoices and metering across your property portfolio to optimise a solution to ensure correct tenancy billing and any compliance you need to adhere to is met.
  • Our system and expense analyst team compile accurate data and information for your estate and forecasting for recharging.
  • We agree a format and time frame for tenancy recharging, whether that to be recharged, and handle all enquiries and information form such billing within a strict timeframe to avoid financial impact for the landlord or tenant.
  • As part of our bureau team, we will match up supplier invoices to tenant recharging through our reconciliations function to make sure bills in and out are in sync.

Budgeting and forecasting

Financial accruals and forecasting are of paramount importance to any business. Our financial reporting solution provides accurate budgeting information by analysing historical data and forecasting future usage minimising financial exposure.

  • BiU provides expert support and solutions on period end accruals by providing the right audience with timely and accurate information.
  • The detail supporting the reports enables our clients to have a high-level message on their financial performance with respect to all utilities.
  • BiU will provide insightful data enabling estates to be benchmarked, budgets set, and accruals produced.
  • We will constantly review your properties, sites, supply, meters and operational/behavioural changes across the portfolio.
  • Our detailed analysis considers clients forward business plans alongside future taxation and legislative factors that may impact their costs.
Energy Usage Budgeting and Forecasting

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We have four services within our Utility Management Solutions department, from auditing your past expense with revenue recovery service to managing your site works with our infrastructure team.

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