Site Metering & Data

The energy industry estimates saving opportunities totalling more than £100million in site metering

Accurate consumption data is key for expense management, forecasting and energy saving opportunities

Reliable metering and data links installed and set up correctly is vital for accurate consumption data

Over 100 human and software checks on each invoice

Site Metering

BiU can support all your gas, electric and water metering needs ensuring accuracy and cost effective site metering through our complete, unbiased management service.

Our dedicated in-house metering team provide all the expertise and resource needed to provide a fully project managed service, whether you need to source a new meter operator (MOP) contract or planning a complicated site infrastructure project.

Metering is often overlooked as an opportunity for cost saving, but there’s many opportunities to reduce costs and save revenue in addition to the obvious benefits that come from having accurate energy consumption data.

  • If you don’t act, your supplier will arrange a default meter operator and data collector/data aggregator contract for you – typically with extra costs passed to you.
  • Our expertise and long-standing relationships with a range of metering operators and data collectors allow us to negotiate improved rates and terms on your site metering contracts.
  • Metering suppliers is an open and highly competitive market place – this can result in significant savings, at times around 50% of this cost.
  • The energy industry estimates a saving opportunities totalling more than £100million exist in this area.
  • Legislation has also impacted metering requirements with the introduction of P272.
Site metering and data

What you need to know…


  • A meter operator (MOP) is the company responsible for installing and maintaining half hourly gas and electricity meters.
  • MOP contracts are not part of a standard supply agreement, so there is a lot of competition within this area of your metering set up – and can be contracted by the supplier or the customer.
  • The energy consumption data from the metering is then submitted via the data collector (DC/DA) for billing.
  • As we have an extensive utility site infrastructure and metering/data team, we have access to competitive pricing from the industry to source the MOP and DC/DA agreements best suited to your needs, and that will deliver the greatest savings.
  • Most importantly, don’t forget to act on setting up a MOP and DC/DA as left unactioned, the supplier will arrange a default provider, often resulting in greater costs – acting early can result in significant savings of around 50% of this cost.


  • P272 is a mandatory OFGEM regulation affecting upwards of 160,000 sites or 280,000 MPANS across the UK –  it requires all electricity meters with Profile Classes 05-08 to be settled on the Half Hourly (HH) market.
  • At BiU we have a specialist metering and data team along with leading systems and industry knowledge and experience to manage your P272 obligations and deliver the maximum benefit to your business.
  • We can deliver cost and consumption reduction across your business and help you derive the maximum benefit from the obligations.
  • With strong relationships with industry suppliers, contractors and metering specialists, we can access highly competitive prices across the industry and can source MOP and DC/DA agreements that are bespoke to your needs and deliver the greatest savings.
  • Our metering experts are on hand to guide you every step of the way, minimising your exposure and maximising any opportunities that exist.


  • AMR is the process of automatically collecting energy and utility consumption data – providing accurate, timely bills without the need for on-site physical meter readings for water, gas and electricity.
  • There are several benefits of AMR, from seeing real time half-hourly data of what energy is actually being used and when through to utilising the data to comply with many mandatory legislations such as the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme which requires consumption reporting.
  • Our metering and data team offer a full solution to independently review your current needs and future requirements and look at both energy supplier and independent supplier options.
  • We will manage the installation programme of your AMR, overseeing the suppliers and contractors as we have a well-established utility site infrastructure team supporting our metering and data team.
  • Once the project is complete our utility expense management team will analyse the data presented identifying opportunities for consumption reduction and trends that may be affecting your overall business performance.

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We have four services within our Utility Management Solutions department, from auditing your past expense with revenue recovery service to managing your site works with our infrastructure team.

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