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Learn about BiU, or understand what a CPPA is, with our 3 minute explainer videos on a variety of topics.

We are BiU​

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Revenue Recovery​

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Weekly energy and gas market updates

Our risk managers explore current electricity, gas and carbon markets, and the fundamentals and factors affecting current energy prices.

Week 26 2020 Update

Available until 03/07/2020

Weekly Energy Market Update Video 2020

Further reading

June’s Energy Advice Hub roundup homeworking emissions and government green promises

June’s energy advice roundup: homeworking emissions and government green promises

Our latest insights include a look back at the government’s green manifesto pledges (and whether they’re being delivered), and a look at how COVID-19 is shaping the low carbon shift.

Why people are the key to energy efficiency

Why people are the key to energy efficiency

If your workforce doesn’t understand and engage with your sustainability plans, improving energy efficiency and sustainability is always going to be a losing battle, that’s why technology needs to be in harmony with your people activity.

Guarantee accurate compliant SECR submissions, ahead of deadline

Don’t be left behind with your SECR reporting

The first Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR) compliance phase is well underway with many businesses in the process of submitting their first reports.