Compliance: ESOS Phase 3

ESOS Phase 2 of the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) is complete, with Phase 3 on the horizon - be prepared with BiU's 100% success rate audit service.

100% success rate for all of our ESOS phase 1 and 2 customers

A team of qualified and certificated assessors

Evidence, act and progress with BiU compliance solution

The Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme

ESOS (The Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme) has been set up by the UK Government (DECC) in response to an EU requirement to implement Article 8 of the Energy Efficiency Directive (Directive 2012/27/EU of the European Parliament). It is important to recognise if you are affected by ESOS as it is a mandatory requirement for all those it applies to.

ESOS Qualification

The ESOS legislation will apply to your business if you:

  • Are a private sector organisation with more than 250 employees OR
  • Have a turnover of at least €50m – £38,937,777
  • Have a balance sheet of €43m – £33,486,489

Business Requirements for ESOS

  • Measure total energy consumption (including transport) of the business
  • Conduct Energy Audits at sites and determine cost effective energy reduction recommendations
  • Report compliance to the Environment Agency every four years
  • Please note: Director level sign-off is mandatory

Why use BiU for ESOS Phase 3?

Multiple Qualified Lead Assessors

Your ESOS Evidence & Compliance needs to be assessed by a qualified Lead Assessor.  At BiU we have a team of qualified and certificated assessors accredited by:

Energy Institute Awards
Low Carbon Energy Assessors

Intense Detail

Our skilled data analysts and compliance assessors evidence and report your ESOS phase 2 data ready to be reported in your the evidence pack.


We’ve been collecting, auditing and developing data for over 22 years through our Utility Management Solutions and Energy & Carbon Optimisation Team.

100% Succes

Our ESOS customers met the deadline, and achieved compliance.

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The sooner we start to collect and analyse your data for ESOS phase 3 the better prepared you are for meeting the deadlines, and preparing your reduction strategies.

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