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In-depth guides to a range of energy industry topics from CPPAs to understanding net zero.

In depth learner guides

Our learner guides cover all you need to know on a range of key energy and utility market topics including revenue recovery and net zero.

Guide to CPPAs
Guide to Net Zero
Guide to Energy Revenue Recovery

Explainer videos

Don’t have time for our in-depth energy guides? Then our short explainer videos are for you…

Net Zero

Watch our 3-minute net zero explainer video.

Further Reading

Earth Overshoot Day 2021 how businesses can tread lighter

Earth Overshoot Day 2021: how businesses can tread lighter

Most of us know the feeling of having too much month at the end of the money. But this Thursday will mark the moment when there is too much of 2021 left for the earth to sustainably handle.

The UK government’s COP26 to-do list

The UK government’s COP26 to-do list

The UK government’s COP26 to-do list is large, and the reality of the UK’s progress on emissions cuts is lagging behind the ambition. As we prepare to host this crucial climate conference, what should we doing to prove that our goals are realistic?

June 2021 energy and carbon green round up

June’s energy and climate news: your 5-minute speed read

June saw green pledges made and reaffirmed by world leaders at the G7 summit, but a major report from the Climate Change Committee has urged the UK government to back up words with action.