BiU Energy Guides

In-depth guides to a range of energy industry topics from CPPAs to understanding net zero.

In depth learner guides

Our learner guides cover all you need to know on a range of key energy and utility market topics including revenue recovery and net zero.

Guide to CPPAs
Guide to Net Zero
Guide to Energy Revenue Recovery

Explainer videos

Don’t have time for our in-depth energy guides? Then our short explainer videos are for you…

Net Zero

Watch our 3-minute net zero explainer video.

Further Reading

Powering Britain

How powering Britain has changed

From looking at wind farms to biomass energy generation, BBC’s Power Britain has given great insight to those of us who don’t live and breathe energy…

Greening the public sector & decarbonising transport

Greening the public sector & decarbonising transport

October’s Energy Advice Hub roundup: greening the public sector & decarbonising transport.

Nord Stream 2 your 5-minute explainer

Nord Stream 2: your 5-minute explainer

The Nord Stream 2 pipeline has been in the news a lot in recent days, but what exactly is going on?