Energy and Water Procurement

“Our energy risk managers are the backstop to our team’s reputation and our success depends on their attention to data detail and trading experience”

– Yaseen Bahadur, Director of Procurement

Procurement and Risk Trading

One size doesn’t fit all – that’s why we work with individual clients to ensure that our service is tailored specifically to their requirements, attitude to risk and, most importantly, their energy budget.

Risk Management &
Energy Procurement

If you’re spending in excess of £250,000 on your annual business energy bill, or you have multiple sites, our enhanced energy procurement service will help you save time and money.

Energy Consortium

Maximise the performance of your energy portfolio with original thinking and products shaped to your risk appetite with our three energy consortium products.


Did you know that since April 2017 eligible businesses, charities and public sector organisations are no longer restricted to buying their water from regional water companies

One procurement team

A suite of trained, skilled and experienced risk managers, analysts and assistants working for you to create tangible bottom line benefits to your operating costs through effective energy risk management and procurement.

Head of Energy Procurement
Head of Risk
European Energy Consultants

Energy Risk Managers
Energy Procurement Analysts
Energy Procurement Specialists

Within the energy procurement team we’ve; dished out several 5 and 10 year anniversary gifts; set-up staff with home-offices for better work-life balance and reduce the team’s carbon footprint in travel; invested in the team’s continuing professional development; and hosted several team building opportunities so we work as one effective team.

Happy staff create happy clients.

Our procurement service as standard

Online reporting through BiU Vision, our energy reporting and pricing platform

Effective communications suited to your needs from weekly calls to bi-annual board meetings

Procurement and risk management client training sessions

Account management and risk manager

Bi-annual market outlook review and report

Provider of the Energy Advice Hub for up-to-date energy news

Budget certainty through agreed strategy

Supply contract optimisation

24-hour commodity market analysis

BiU’s Green Energy

Our Chief Executive, Michael Abbott, is a pioneer in anaerobic digestion solutions, while our Chief Commercial Officer, Anthony Mayall, is widely regarded as green champion with his work in EV (electric vehicles) and the renewables section. Fold our Chiefs’ background in the renewable sector into our procurement team’s renewable strategy, you’ve got a winning recipe for green renewable options from import and export generation to optimising your existing portfolio.

Renewable generation and asset data access

ROC, REGO, RGGO, RHi, GGC, EB Optimisation

Trading advantage and intelligence

Renewable asset management and forecasting

Where pre-existing Corporate Power Purchase Agreement (CPPA) and Gas Purchase Agreements (GPA) contracts are being renewed (rather than negotiated afresh) – care should be taken to ensure that the mechanisms are still fit for purpose and provide the certainty and information flows required.

This can also be a good time to audit and carry out a general review of the contract to ensure that it remains suitable and to audit the arrangements for generation payments and correct payment of embedded benefits.

Where next


We have several solutions within our energy procurement department, from tailored risk management to consortium buying, with blended or full green options throughout.

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