Network charges different depending on the region

Network charges different depending on the region

Network charges are different depending on the region of the UK.

That’s according to a report from Ofgem which stated electricity distribution charges are higher than average in North Scotland Merseyside & North Wales and the South West of England.

On the other hand, charges are lower in London and Eastern England.

In contrast, electricity and gas transmission charges are higher in London and the South of England and lower in Scotland and the north east of England.

The report added suppliers generally reflect the fact that there are regional differences in gas or electricity network charges in their corresponding tariffs for households.

It said: “Instead of introducing a national network charge, targeted help to those off gas grid might be an option to consider further. We identified non-gas households as a priority area for our Vulnerability Strategy.

“We have been taking and continue to take action to extend gas networks to help the fuel poor and customers in vulnerable situations and we are focussing on the experience of electric heating for customers.”