Net Zero​

“We can’t self-isolate from climate change”

Mark Carney, former Bank of England Governor
and United Nations special envoy for climate action and finance

Net zero explained​

BiU guide to net zero​

If you don’t know your green house gasses from your science based targets, then our in-depth BiU learner guide all about net zero is for you.

Net zero facts​

9 of the 10 warmest years globally have occurred since 2005 with 2019 being the 2nd warmest year on record

The rise in earth’s temperature since pre-industrial levels is 0.87oC​
Paris Agreement goal is to limit rise to well below 2oC​

“We already have all the facts and solutions. 

All we have to do is to wake up and change.”

Greta Thunberg,
Climate Change Activist

Project Net Zero​

Combatting climate change with net zero tools, insights, strategy and partners. Including our free online net zero calculator.

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