Activists occupy Tate Modern in anti-BP protest

money jar

Artists performed for 25 hours inside Tate Modern’s Turbine Hall urging the gallery to drop its sponsorship deal with BP during the weekend.
Activist group, ‘Liberate Tate’, have asked for the backing to be dropped before the Paris Climate Summit in December.
They took it in turns to transcribe quotes with charcoal on the concrete floor, covering 1,000m2.
Hundreds of visitors interacted with the show which began at 11.53am on Saturday and closed at 10pm but the performance carried on throughout the night.
Tate shut the Turbine Hall to the public on Sunday morning.
In March, Tate was forced to reveal the amount of sponsorship money it received from BP.
Liberate Tate claims it was an average of £224,000 a year between 1990 and 2006, which is 40 times less than it received from Tate Members last year.
Yasmin De Silva of Liberate Tate said: “We continued our performance throughout the night to allow the words we wrote to resound and let Tate know the tide is rising against its continued support for BP, which has a shocking history of environmental disasters and lobbying against climate change legislation.”
Since 2010 Liberate Tate has been carrying out performances inside Tate galleries aimed at disrupting the sponsorship relationship between BP and Tate.