Air quality alerts to be installed in London during pollution peaks

Toxic air warnings will be installed at bus stops, Tube stations and road-sides across London during worst incidents of air pollution.

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan is introducing the new measure after a consultation on a comprehensive package of measures to clean-up the capital’s “filthy air”.

Nearly 15,000 people responded to the consultation and 79% of them said they wish to receive information when air pollution is very high.

The Mayor will install air quality alerts at 2,500 bus countdown signs and river piers, 140 road-side dot matrix message signs on the busiest main roads and electronic update signs in the entrances of all Tube stations.

Depending on the alert level and communication channel, different information and guidance will be provided including advising people to walk, cycle or use public transport to help improve air quality.

The warnings will start from next Monday, 15th of August.

Mr Khan said: “Unlike my predecessor, I believe that Londoners have a right to know about the quality of the air that they breathe. These new alerts will allow them to take precautions and help them plan ahead to avoid the worst instances of air pollution.

“I am doing everything within my power as Mayor to put the health of Londoners first. I hope that these alerts will become less and less frequent as we take steps to make our already great city a cleaner place to live, work and study in.”