Apple and Amazon among firms backing Obama’s emissions plan

Apple and Amazon among firms backing Obama's emissions plan

Four technology giants have shown their support for US President Barack Obama’s Clean Power Plan (CCP).

The CCP aims to reduce carbon emissions from power plants by 32% by 2030 but it was blocked by the Supreme Court in February.

Amazon, Apple, Google and Microsoft have sent a document called ‘Amicus Brief’ to the US Court backing the Environmental Protection Agency’s plan and showing legislation makes sense to businesses.

Other firms also supporting the programme include IKEA, Mars Adobe and Blue Cross.

The document states that CCP will advance the companies environmental purposes and “help business of all sorts invest and benefit from clean energy”.

They add: “by limiting emissions of Carbon Dioxide from existing fossil fuel-fired power plants, the Plan will help address climate change by reinforcing current trends that are making renewable energy supplies more robust, more reliable and more affordable.

“Because the Clean Power Plan reflects reasonable expectation about the operations of the electricity market and the increasing use of renewable energy, Tech Amici submit this brief in support of the Plan”