E.ON chief: ‘EU leaders should retain Single Market for Britain’

The head of E.ON is reportedly calling on EU policymakers to retain a “single market for goods and services for the British”.

His comment follows the referendum last week when Britain voted to leave the EU.

He reportedly said the energy company’s staffing needs must be adjusted: “E.ON has 40,000 employees. Overall, that’s not going to change in the near term but we’ll have to add in some areas and need fewer employees in others.”

According to the BDI, which represents the German industry, the sectors most affected by the Brexit vote are the automobile and energy sectors, telecommunications, electronics manufacturers, metal production, retail and financial service providers.

Director General Markus Kerber said: “Tough negotiations with the UK will dominate the EU agenda for the next two years. A whole range of issues, such as access to the European single market, regulatory standards and professional mobility need re-negotiation.

“We have to make the appeal of the European idea more tangible by deepening the Single Market in sectors like digital services, the capital market and the energy union. We must also push ahead with the European investment offensive: investments in modern transport, energy and communication networks are urgently needed to liven up the European single market and create more jobs.”

Former London Mayor and Brexit supporter Boris Johnson however said the UK will “still have access to the Single Market”.

In his column for the Telegraph, he stated: “I cannot stress too much that Britain is part of Europe and always will be.”