June’s energy advice roundup: homeworking emissions and government green promises

June’s Energy Advice Hub roundup homeworking emissions and government green promises

Welcome to the monthly roundup of news and news and advice from BiU’s Energy Advice Hub.

With the pace of change we’ve experienced since the pandemic, it’s hard to believe that the general election was only six months ago. Our latest insights include a look back at the government’s green manifesto pledges (and whether they’re being delivered), and a look at how COVID-19 is shaping the low carbon shift.

Our full roundup of stories is here – and if you need advice on your company’s low carbon challenges, get in touch.

Committee on Climate Change: COVID-19 recovery must be the defining moment on climate change action

The CCC’s annual progress report to Parliament says more must be done to tackle the climate emergency.

Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting: accounting for emissions from home workers

Reporting on remote working emissions is the question of the moment – we answer it here.

New government plans to ramp up the smart meter rollout

A new framework to ramp up smart meter installations has been announced.

Corporates say they’re still committed to climate change action despite COVID-19, but government must do more

A new survey shows that long term sustainability strategies are still on track for most companies.

The general election, six months on: are the government’s green promises being delivered?

We hold the government to account on pledges made in its winning manifesto.

Oil and Gas Authority aligns its core strategy to net zero

The Oil and Gas authority wants the industry to go ‘further and faster’ in carbon reduction efforts.

The EU’s economic recovery plan is here. But is it green enough?

We looked at the green announcements within the EU’s COVID-19 recovery plan.

Government reveals design for new UK Emissions Trading System post-Brexit

The new EU-ETS scheme will eventually be aligned with net zero goals, but the CCC warns that the interim stage is not ambitious enough.

COVID-19 and the shift to sustainable commuting

The pandemic has caused a short-term boost to ‘active travel’. We look at how the shift could be made permanent.

Business survey shows that words are not being backed with action on climate change.

BITC found a gap between intention and action on the climate emergency.

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