NASA: Global warming leads to increase in sea levels



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Sea levels around the world have risen eight centimetres since 1992.
That’s according to NASA which stated it is a consequence of global warming caused by the heat produced from greenhouse gases.
Scientists estimate one-third of the rise in sea levels is due to warmer ocean water expanding, one-third as a result of polar ice sheets and the remaining due to melting mountain glaciers.
In some locations, sea levels have risen more than 25 centimetres “due to natural variation”, its report stated.
Tom Wagner, the cryosphere programme scientist at NASA Headquarters in Washington said: “We’ve seen from the paleoclimate record that sea level rise of as much as 10 feet in a century or two is possible if the ice sheets fall apart rapidly.
“We’re seeing evidence that the ice sheets are waking up but we need to understand them better before we can say we’re in a new era of rapid ice loss.”