Lib Dems pledge energy council tax cut, no coal post-2025

The Liberal Democrats are promising a “major” new tax cut for energy efficiency – and to close all British coal plants after 2025.

Today in a boisterous speech at the party’s autumn conference in Glasgow, Lib Dem Energy Secretary Ed Davey pledged his party “must do more” to push people’s bills down.

He said this would happen: “With the major new tax cut for energy efficiency in our pre-manifesto. A ten year council tax cut.

“Paid for by central Government. Of at least £100 a year.

Teamed with energy efficiency schemes, the Energy Secretary claimed this would spell a “double” bill cut.

He said: “So on the doorsteps, we will be the only party offering a double bill cut – a permanent cut in your energy bill, for a ten year cut in your council tax bill.”

Earlier he slammed Conservative Eric Pickles, Communities Secretary for “interfering” with wind farm planning applications, warning: “Voting blue will never get you green.”

Defending the sensible use of shale gas, he declared “the real fossil fuel enemy is coal – coal is the climate destroyer

Davey said: “That’s why I’m pleased to announce that if the Liberal Democrats are in government after the election, we will legislate to ban the generation of electricity from coal from 2025.”

ELN has contacted the Liberal Democrats for more details on the £100 council tax cut.