Political parties urged to create manifestos for a greener Britain

Green campaigners are calling on the UK’s political parties to include environmental pledges in their manifestos ahead of the next general election.

They are urging political leaders to sign up to seven environmental goals, including leading the global low carbon transition, setting a strict decarbonisation target, creating an initiative that replaces the struggling Green Deal and giving more power to local communities.

The group includes the Green Alliance, National Trust, Friends of the Earth, RSPB, Greenpeace and WWF.

Mike Clarke, Chief Executive of the RSPB said: “Manifestos are sometimes important for their differences but it’s when they’re the same that they’re really powerful, especially for issues like the environment that affect us in so many ways.”

The Liberal Democrats said it would include five new laws to protect the environment, including a heating and energy efficiency bill and a zero carbon Britain bill.

Nick Clegg, Deputy Prime Minister and Leader of the party said: “In government, we turned many of our green commitments into reality and have delivered policies that protect our environment, deliver cleaner energy and create greener jobs.

“We have a duty to look after our natural habitat for future generations and our manifesto will show that only the Liberal Democrats can be trusted to deliver a greener and sustainable society.”

Caroline Flint MP, Labour’s Shadow Energy Secretary said her party has already committed to a number of environmental goals, adding: “Instead of the dither and denial we see from this Government, the Labour Party, under Ed Miliband’s leadership, recognises that climate change is a national security issue and is setting out a plan for action both at home and by leading a more ambitious programme internationally.”

Conservative Energy Minister Amber Rudd also welcomed the report as a “new contribution to policy development”.

She said: “Under this government we have generated unprecedented investment into low carbon technologies that is helping the UK to compete in the global race for green jobs and growth.

“However, there is still more to do and I look forward to reading through the report’s ideas in more detail.”