Scotland a major hub for oil and gas industry


The Scots do well when it comes to industry experience for oil and gas.
New research found that almost 80% of industry leaders cited Scotland as having an important role in the international sector.
The Scottish Development International survey of senior global industry figures found that 74% of respondents recognise its position as one the world’s training grounds for the industry. A further 71% agree that Scottish employees are some of the most reliable in the sector.
More than a quarter of respondents were from US businesses of which 91% agreed Scottish employees are some of the “most experienced and dependable” in the industry. In fact, 88% went on to say they prefer working with the Scottish partners, while 82% preferred to work with people with experience in Scotland.
Nicola Sturgeon MSP, First Minister said: “Turbulence in the oil markets is leading to some uncertainty about future workflows but these results reinforce the value that Scottish businesses deliver to partners, particularly in deepwater and offshore exploration areas.”