Toyota to launch hydrogen EVs in the UK

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Toyota is to launch its latest car model – a hydrogen-powered electric vehicle (EV) – in the UK.

The Toyoto Mirai costs £66,000 and can travel 300 miles, the company claims.

The hydrogen gas is stored inside the car in a tank, air is sucked in through the vents in the front and the oxygen is removed. It then reacts with the hydrogen to create electricity to power the motor. The only by-product is water.

Although hydrogen is a highly explosive gas, Neil Spires, Product Manager at Toyota GB, told ELN: “This is a very safe car.”

He added: “The components are kept outside of the cabin for starters – so there’s an element of protection there. There’s a lot of sensors built in to detect a leak, collision [or] fire.

“Most importantly it’s the tank integrity so the tank’s obviously the storage container. So they’re tested extensively – crush test, gunfire test, bonfire test, burn test so as an example the tanks can withstand 50 tonnes of pressure on top of them. They’re very robust.”

A total of 12 hydrogen cars are expected to be rolled-out by the end of the year.