UK gets smart with energy appliances

Hands of a businessman reaching to towards light bulb, business

Brits are getting smarter by the year with installing more energy appliances.
In fact the UK is the second biggest user of things like smart appliances and energy efficient appliances being installed in homes. The figures are from new data by Delta-ee who specialise in distributed energy and heat research.
There have been more than 700,000 installations in the UK per year according to the company.
Germany is leading the way, with one million homes having appliances installed by 2017 and the Netherland and France are not far behind the UK. The company said together, both countries have seen “slightly slower but significant growth” with a combined 700,000 annual products.
The report found home energy products like heating controls and electricity tariff appliances are set to hit 2.5 million sales by 2017.